Femke Nijboer

Assistant Professor Creative Technology

Femke Nijboer is an assistant professor of Creative Technology and Biomedical Signals and Systems at the University of Twente. She studies how creative technology, art and humor can be used to encourage us to think about our brain, health and eating behavior. Nijboer was awarded with an NWO-Veni grant to investigate the ethical, legal and societal issues of research and development of brain-computer interfaces and with a l’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award for a fellowship at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS-KNAW). Alongside her scientific work, Nijboer writes columns and gives theater lectures about resilience, coping with bad luck and lust for life together with her partner-in-crime Paul Trossèl, who has locked-in syndrome and cannot move or speak due to a brainstem stroke.

5 November