Thomas van Baar

Project Officer Research Futures, Centre for Innovation (NL)

Thomas leads HumanityX (Centre for Innovation, Leiden University) a multidisciplinary team which aims to enable stakeholders in the peace, justice and humanitarian sector to adopt innovations in order to increase their impact on society. As organisations within the sector often lack the capacities (i.a. budgets, resources, knowledges) to innovate and operate in silos, HumanityX provides an external support base to lower the risks associated with innovation, while simultaneously conducting innovation within a trusted and responsible environment.

As part of HumanityX, Thomas leads various projects together with international organisations (such as ICRC, UNHCR, UNOCHA) and civil society organisations (such as Oxfam, Doctors without Borders, WorldVision) to explore how new technology trends could be leveraged to support their operations. The projects focus on the development of concrete prototypes and micro-services together with partner organisations to promote and facilitate the adoption of validated innovations within the peace, justice and humanitarian sector.