How will the futureimpact human life?

2 & 3 NOVEMBER 2016

Will we fall in love
with robots?

Is technology part
of human evolution?

Is virtual reality as
addictive as heroine?

Should Artificial
Intelligences be granted

Will privacy be a luxury
in the future?


On November 2nd & 3rd, 2016 the world of culture, philosophy, science, technology and storytelling will collide. BRAVE NEW WORLD will be the place for people who want to know what the future holds in store and how this will affect their business, policies and innovations. We want to discuss what ethical and social impact new technologies could have on human life, before the innovations are introduced in society.  For example: Will we want to change the way we look if we can design our own body? Or, will privacy become a luxury?

This event is interesting for policy makers, venture capitalists, innovation managers, engineers, government officials, hackers, futurists, gamers, artists, directors, you name it. For two days we will ask questions, discuss and imagine which social challenges could arise with future technologies. We’ll even make a few movies together. This way we’ll not only discuss the future, but build one… or even a few.

At the end of both conference days, two teams of the 48 Hour Film Project will start making their short film in 48 hours, based on the script input of the audience (you!). On 'News' we will announce the six directors and the actors who will play the main character in their films. The four final films will be screened online and at the Leiden International Film Festival. 


Do you want to live in the real world when your perfect world exists online?

Thanks to all attendees and speakers of BNW2016!

november 04, 2016

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4 Reasons to visit BRAVE NEW WORLD

Hear It First

Get inspired and go beyond your field or interest

Network with people who share an innovation mind-set

Prepare your business, policy making or artistic innovations for future


BRAVE NEW WORLD features world-class speakers who will butt heads in unscripted interviews, presentations and panel discussions, in the fields of art, health, security, education and many more – people who could transform your thinking and better prepare your business or policy making for future innovations.

Below the speakers for this years event. 

  • Maarten Oonk

    Maarten Oonk

    Deloitte, consultant [NL]

    Maarten is an expert on transformation, disruption and exponential technologies within Deloitte Center for the Edge. The Center, anchored in Silicon Valley, conducts original research and develops substantive points of view for new corporate growth on the intersection of technology, business strategy and human interaction. Maarten’s passion is fuelled especially in areas like Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous driving and the broader societal implications.

    Maarten will speak on November 2th 9.50 AM about: how to organize disruptive innovation on the edge of the core business?

  • Floris Kaayk

    Floris Kaayk

    Artist [NL]

    Floris’s work involves a new kind of fictional storytelling, often imagining the potential consequences of technological progress. His latest project, ‘The Modular Body’, is an online science fiction story about a modular living organism built from human cells. This story questions: 'shouldn’t we take this opportunity to redesign the human body and make it more efficient?’

    Floris will speak on November 2th 10.40 AM about: The Modular Body and the birth of OSCAR; modern Frankenstein.


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Free acces to Leiden International Film Festival included


How can we imagine the unimaginable?

At the end of each day we’ll collectively construct a few film scripts about our vision of the future, with the help of film directors and actors. The results will be made into short films within 48 hours. This way we’ll not only discuss the future, but build one… or even a few.

Click HERE to download the program. 

2 November

Michiel Vos
Moderator Brave New World, Journalist [USA/NL]
Welcome and opening.
Maarten Oonk
Deloitte, consultant [NL]
How to organize disruptive innovation on the edge of the core business.
Floris Kaayk
Artist [NL]
The birth of OSCAR; modern Frankenstein.
Rob Zwijnenberg
Leiden University, professor [NL]
Biotechnology, Human Dignity and the Importance of Art.
Pieter van Boheemen (Waag Society, program manager),
Adam Cohen (CHDR, CEO [NL]),
Christine Mummery (LUMC/Professor [NL]),
Bas Reichert (Baseclear, CEO [NL]),
Annelien Bredenoord (UMCU professor, D66 member of Senate [NL])
The Future of Biotechnology, who's in the lead?
Ben Hammersley
BBC/Wired, Journalist [USA]
What are the extreme effects of the digital and networked world on business, society, and your life?
Nathaniel Raymond
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Director [USA]
How can technology influence human rights?
Jaya Baloo
KPN Telecom, Chief Information, Security Officer [NL]
How to protect your personal business data in the future brave new world of quantum proliferation?
Nathaniel Raymond
and Jaya Baloo
Will privacy become a luxury in the future?
George van Hal
New Scientist, Journalist [NL]
What should we do when aliens arrive?
Presentation trend Report
Centre for Innovation
What is the impact of the digital age on people and society?
Richard Schut
48 Hour Film Project, producer [NL]
Freija van Duijne
Dutch Future Society, futurist [NL]
script writing

3 November

Michiel Vos
Moderator Brave New World, Journalist [USA/NL]
Welcome and opening
Jim Stolze
TEDxAmsterdam presenter/founder [NL]
Human BAIT. How Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are taking on the old systems.
Etienne Augé
Erasmus University Rotterdam
lecturer [FR/NL]
Why does our world needs Science Fiction?
Mark Stevenson
Times/Wall Street Journal, Journalist [UK]
How wealth, leadership and power will change in the next decade, and how this affects you and your organisation.
Robert Overweg
Artist [NL]
Virtual Reality: creating new reality for people and brands
Uncanny Valley
Short Film by 3DAR
What happens when the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur?
Frank Steinicke
University of Hamburg, professor [GE]
The healing and addictive power of Virtual Reality.
Rachel Armstrong
Black Sky Thinking, architect [uk]
How can we combine nature and architecture?
Koert van Mensvoort artist, philosopher [NL]
Is techonlogy part of our evolution?
David Levy
Retro-Computers/Intelligent Toys, CEO [UK]
Will we be falling in love with Robots?
paneldiscussion: Bernhard Hommel (Leiden University, professor [NL]),
Aimee van Wynsberghen (Twente University, ass. professor [NL]),
David Levy (Retro-Computers/Intelligent Toys, CEO [UK]),
Eleanor Hancock (university of liverpool, masterstudent [UK])
What is the future of human-machine interaction?
Leon Heuts
Filosofie Magazine, chief-editor [NL]
The similarities between great artists and great industrial gurus.
Constant Dullaart
Artist [NL/GER]
It is the role of artists to misuse new technology.
Richard Schut
48 Hour Film Project, producer [NL]
Freija van Duijne
Dutch Future Society, futurist [NL]
Script writing


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Do you want to change the way you look if you can design your own body?


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